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Why a Marketing Plan is a Must

According to statistics published by the Small Business Association (SBA), 50% of new businesses fail in five years and only a third survive 10 years or more. Integrating a sound marketing plan into your strategic business plan is the key to the engine that drives sustained growth.

Yet, surveys show that businesses with a solid strategic business plan more than double their changes at long-term success. Whether you’ve been in business for a month, a few years or for decades, a marketing plan that is current with today’s consumer buying habits and media usage is critical to your company’s growth.

We will establish an ADTACK Marketing Plan that supports and supplements your strategic business plan. It will strengthen your plan, become your secret weapon and increase qualified lead generation while growing revenue.

How ADTACK will develop your marketing plan

Your marketing plan will be developed in partnership with your leadership team. It will be built to support your business plan. It will be integrated across all levels of customer engagement. And if our track record of success holds true to form, it will work.

With thousands of businesses depending on the marketing and advertising experience of ADTACK and WSI, we can give you a detailed plan with the right media mix, messaging, technology and budgetary items to execute across all levels of management for your firm.

And with the startling ongoing changes in technology and consumer engagement, you’ll be prepared to adjust the sails of the ship to adapt and sail far ahead of your competition. After all, that's why you developed your strategic business plan in the first place, isn't it?

With an ADTACK Plan, you gain more than a consultant, you gain a marketing partner—a member of your team that takes the time to study and understand your business and cares about your ongoing success.

It's not always an easy process, which is why not all businesses take the time and energy to make a robust marketing plan. But it's always worth it.

Contact the ADTACK team and start developing your marketing plan today.

ADTACK Strategic Planning may include:

  • Strategic Business Plan Review
  • Marketing and Brand Strategy
  • Product and/or Service Review
  • Market Survey
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Web Presence Review
  • Market Review
  • Media Planning Buying
  • Budgeting

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