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Content Marketing Strategy

Check it out, if you haven't already: The next time you step into a restaurant, sit down in a coffee shop or walk around the mall, check out the number of people whose faces are buried in their cell phones.

If you're brave, you might approach some of them and ask what they're doing. Invariably, the response will be, "Reading."

In fact, they could be reading your website. And, if they're not, chances are good that somebody else – at another nearby restaurant or coffee shop – has either landed on your website or was referred there to check you out and read what you have to say.

Develop a cohesive content marketing strategy

Given the nearly universal appeal of cell phones – and, to a lesser extent, tablets – you don't want to squander these opportunities. You want to make the most of them by providing engaging, compelling content through a cohesive content marketing strategy. Check out the benefits – and then act on them, too:

  • Good content should inform and educate people about your business' products or services, but great content should do something more: It should emphasize their value, importance and meaning. It's smart to enumerate features; people want to know what you have to offer. But it's wise to underscore the benefits by explaining how and why your product or service will make a difference in the reader's life.
  • Great content can elevate your business' public profile and enhance your brand. You've probably heard people tell others to "check out the website" and then quickly mumble excuses and apologies for why one page or another isn't up to par. Build your website and continue finessing it until you can – and do – point to it with pride. Great content not only communicates your business' story; it should burnish its image.
  • Great content can establish your business as a reliable, go-to source. Arguably, this should be the goal of every business – to be the one that naturally comes to mind when someone seeks reliable information or advice. At this pivotal juncture, a business moves from being a purveyor of goods or services to an expert. And this move, in turn, engenders not only appreciation but business loyalty.
  • Great content can open a direct line of communication with website visitors by giving them the opportunity to explain what they like and dislike and what they want and need from a business. It's called feedback, and since it can be instantaneous, it can be invaluable, especially if a problem looms and you respond quickly.
  • Great content invigorates your content marketing strategy because the search engines notice – and reward your efforts with a "bump" in the rankings. As your business rises in the rankings, it becomes easier to find – unleashing the opportunities that inspired you to create a content marketing strategy in the first place.

ADTACK can help your business conceptualize, develop and execute a content marketing strategy that wins new customers. Our skilled and experienced team believes everyone we see with their faces buried in their cell phones are trying to tell us something – and we step up to the challenge by giving them great content.

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