Creative & Branding

Impeccable branding is the key to making customers notice your business. Creating a clear and consistent brand helps customers understand what your company is all about. When developing branding strategies, ADTACK uses brand positioning, tag lines, and content development to make your company standout from the crowd.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning starts by imagining what you want customers to picture when they think about your company. With an ADTACK plan in place, we will help develop brand positioning that will set you apart from your competitors, assert your credibility, and keep you relevant to your customers.

Before beginning work on your company’s brand positioning, our advertising agency will analyze your competition.

  • What products and services are they offering?
  • How does it differ from what your company is doing?
  • How are they using brand positioning to appeal to their customers?

Once we determine what makes your company different, ADTACK can begin developing your brand positioning strategy. You need to be able to answer the most important question – why should customers choose your product or service over what your competition is offering?

Maybe you offer a quality product at a cheaper price than your competitors. Or perhaps your product is exceptionally tough and durable. There are tons of reasons your company stands out from the rest – ADTACK will help you find your best attributes to guide your brand positioning.


“The Happiest Place on Earth”
“A Little Dab’ll Do Ya”
“Be All You Can Be”
“Can You Hear Me Now?”
“It Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking”

Each company, that comes to mind after reading each tagline, crafted and developed their message to hit their target audiences. Now, that kind of creativity can be as difficult to catch as lighting in a bottle. The good news? With an ADTACK plan, we will help develop your message to hit exactly the right leads that will convert to lifelong customers.
Taglines apply to your company as a whole. It sticks with your company as a quick way to let customers know what your company is all about.

The message should focus on the core value or essence of your business, as you can see from the examples above. You also want the tagline to be unique enough to stand alone.

Are taglines and slogans the same thing? No. While they do share a lot of similarities, there are a few important distinctions between them. Both are designed to convey information in a concise and memorable way.

However, slogans are used for a single product or product line. Slogans generally change regularly to reflect the company’s current advertising campaigns.

Even without saying the company name, a customer should be able to recognize your business just by hearing your tagline. Coming up with the perfect tagline is tough – that’s why our advertising agency is here to help you ADTACK it.

Content Development

Maintaining consistency with your branding should impact everything your company does including content development. The content your produce and share should fit within your brand’s messaging and ideals and should remain consistent. However, consistent is not synonymous with boring.

Content includes the copy on your website, blogs, social media posts, emails and any other written words that visitors and customers see. Otherwise, your company may lose potential or current customers.

Don’t take the “cookie cutter” approach to content development – ADTACK it by creating content that is entertaining and informative. This will keep your customers engaged and coming back to read more.

Ready to take your company’s branding to the next level? Contact ADTACK today – our advertising agency is here to help your company develop the best approach to achieve your goals. Catch the fair winds the ADTACK way by submitting an online form or calling 702-270-8772.

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