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Inbound Marketing

If you're tired of lackluster web performance, then it's time to ADTACK the problem a bit differently. Our experienced inbound marketing team provides a unique, organic approach designed to accelerate growth no matter your company's profile.

Attract -> Convert -> Close -> Delight

At ADTACK, we design and implement personalized inbound marketing campaigns that align with your company's mission and marketing goals to achieve real business results. We know no two businesses are alike. This is why our team works closely with you and your staff to learn and create a customized inbound marketing strategy to deliver optimal results and increase ROI.

Let's Talk Technique

So what is the secret sauce of inbound marketing? This technique centers upon taking a personal, more social approach to marketing to create an experience in which potential clients are eager to engage. With inbound marketing, new clients will find you as you educate and nurture them to buy from you.

Going Forward with Inbound Marketing

  • Attracting Qualified Prospects. At ADTACK, we know it isn't enough to just generate big traffic streams to your websites, it's about attracting the right type of traffic. Not everyone is going to be interested in your product or service, and that's alright. You only want to interest those people who are apt to become buyers and clients. Inbound marketing begins by creating content and an effective execution strategy to distribute great messages to those buyers most likely to respond.
  • Converting More Leads. As we assist in generating a healthy amount of interested traffic to your website, we will simultaneously be working to convert those visitors into more promising leads. This aspect of inbound marketing strategy focuses on maximizing every page on your website and content offers to ensure messages resonate with the audience and encourages them to learn more.
  • Closing More Sales. Depending upon the nature of your business, prospecting for new sales can be a short or drawn out affair. Our team utilizes special automation software and analytics tools to optimize lead nurturing so your sales team can focus on closing those sales to customers ready to buy.
  • Delighting Your Customers. Inbound marketing does not stop at the sale's close. This approach is about going full circle and delighting your customers into becoming promoters that will expand your social reach and attract even more qualified prospects. We'll help you develop effective follow-up materials that will assist your team in continuing to engage and nurture existing customers and clients to keep them so delighted they won't be able to keep silent about your company.

Get Started Today With an ADTACK Plan

Inbound marketing has made a huge difference for countless businesses in just about every industry. Isn't it time to see what such a proven strategy can do for you? Learn more about our inbound marketing team and schedule a consultation to find out how inbound marketing can help you achieve your full marketing and business potential.

ADTACK Digital

ADTACK Integrated Marketing is a partner and locally operated office of WSI, the LARGEST Digital Marketing organization in the world with over 1500 offices internationally.

The WSI Network is really powerful. The network includes digital marketing consultants in over 80 countries, each with their own expertise of local digital marketing trends that are shared through online meetings, and regional conventions.

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ADTACK Creative

Creative design attracts engagement. Engagement creates sales. We believe design is critical to your business success, whether it’s web properties, print, signage or business cards.

Our design team will create the right look and feel to attract more business through any platform.

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ADTACK Strategies

You need a new plan, or maybe you just need an updated plan.

We’ll tap into our vast network of the latest business marketing plans and customize a specific strategy for you utilizing proven methods and best practices. Get your personal ADTACK plan complete with a competitive analysis, product/service review, web presence review, marketing and branding strategy, and budget recommendations.

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