Meet the ADTACK Team
The Folks Behind The Scenes

Michael Watkins


Chief Sail Adjuster

With over 25 years of both traditional and new media experience, Mike's insights into the forever changing media world have become a vital resource to business owners and marketing directors. His background includes copywriting, project management, and production development for advertising agencies in addition to sales and marketing leadership at KVVU-TV Channel 5 and KLAS-TV Channel 8 in Las Vegas. Having sold and managed literally hundreds of campaigns utilizing convergent media, his experience has made him one of the leading experts in both traditional and online media. Mike's marketing and advertising experience, along with the worldwide expertise of WSI, make ADTACK Integrated Marketing a powerful force for businesses looking for the most cost-effective means to grow their competitive advantage

Although born in Las Vegas, Mike spent 10 years in Florida and became very fond of the beach, the sea, and sailing. Since moving back home to Las Vegas in 1990, he manages to get to the California coast every once in a while to catch a little wind. Mike's other ADTACK title is CSA, or Chief Sail Adjuster. One of his mottos: "When you can't change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails." Mike is an excellent Captain and routinely adjusts his sails (and those of his clients) for optimum efficiency, speed, direction, and an extraordinary destination. Some also say he looks a bit like Captain Jack Sparrow...

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Natasha A. Isom

Digital Marketing Specialist

Big Picture Thinker

Growing up in Las Vegas, Natasha graduated from Cimarron Memorial High School in 2000, and then from UNLV in 2003 with a Degree in Business Marketing. With her sincere desire to see people grow, Natasha’s Marketing experience has helped businesses adapt in this ever-changing world, achieve bottom line results and forecast sustainability.

With her easygoing personality and sense of humor, Natasha listens to make sure achieving your goals is a snap – always keeping the big picture in mind! Natasha is bilingual and extremely passionate about the arts, world events (both current and past), sports, travel, and human behavior.

When the world gets blurry Natasha helps lock things in and bring them back into focus! As a renowned photographer known for her creativity and adaptability, Natasha is an expert at getting her clients the right exposure and helping them develop to perfection. With work displayed on magazine covers and in art galleries all around the world, she understands the importance of communicating the right message.

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Riana McGoldrick

Inbound Marketing Consultant

Senior Foam Dart Sniper

Riana is a Las Vegas native, born and raised. She has envisioned herself in the advertising industry since she was a kid at the table with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. She was about 6 when she told her mom that she wanted to "draw and color cereal boxes" when she grew up. Much of her advertising experience comes from her 7 years at MGM Resorts International, in the Corporate Advertising department, supervising mainly the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino and MGM Grand Detroit accounts. When Riana isn't working, she can be found in left center on the softball field, or in the driveway playing baseball with her husband and son.

Riana's passion for foam darts began with... dodging them. She quickly learned that to survive the wars at home, she had to join them. Starting with a 3-pack of foam dart shooters with keychain clips then moving up to battery-operated semi-automatics, Riana and her son often hide around the house to ambush each other as well as unsuspecting arriving friends. After learning in her interview that ADTACK occasionally has foam dart wars, she came prepared on her first day with a brand new, loaded shooter, in case she was ADTACKed when she walked in. (See what I did there? Ha ha.) Her second title, Senior Foam Dart Sniper, comes from her ease of finding hiding places in the office to set up in during office wars. Despite her hiding skills, she has taken a couple darts to the eye safety goggles and forehead.

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Megan McTaggart

Inbound Marketing Consultant

SEO Search & Rescue Tactician

Megan, a Texas native, has a strong background in the art of writing. She began her journalism career as a news reporter for The New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung while earning a Bachelors Degree from Texas State University-San Marcos in Mass Communication. From there, she obtained a Masters Degree in Communications from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and worked as a freelance staff writer for the Midlands Business Journal. Since becoming a Las Vegan several years ago, she has continued to grow her marketing abilities and is always looking for new ways expand her skill set. When she’s not at work, Megan spends her free time as a resource volunteer for Red Rock Search & Rescue. She also likes to hang out with her husband, two tiny Chihuahuas (Peanut and Snickers) and calico kitty (Callie Laine).

Megan, an avid "who-dunnit" buff, can be found immersed in a good mystery program on the Investigation Discovery channel or lending her research talents to others in her spare time. You could say that she is a student of masterful investigative tactics, focused on choosing the best methods in order to achieve specific goals. Extremely detail-oriented, Megan is in love with solving problems.

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Blake Conover

Content Specialist/Project Manager

Wordsmith and Craftsman

A Las Vegas native, Blake comes to ADTACK with 3 years of experience in advertising and publishing. Her passion for marketing, accompanied by a life-long fascination with the English language, allows her to assist each client in crafting their unique message that is consistent with their brand. In her spare time, Blake can be found on the kickball field, at the nearest karaoke bar or relaxing at home with her favorite classy (sassy) gentleman, Maurice the Cat. It is rumored that Blake can also be seen at her favorite coffee shop, editing college papers for fun on the weekends… She has yet to remark on these allegations.

In an age when uncultivated speech lurks at every turn and illiteracy threatens to seize the land, Blake combines the precious resources of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure to forge the tools to combat this growing evil: words. She meticulously crafts and maintains her literary inventory, hopeful that the coming generations will take up arms and wield these weapons as their predecessors did. She believes there is yet hope for the English language and has made it her life’s work to aid those who fight to revive it.

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Spencer Overman

Web Developer/Designer

Director of Moon Based Operations

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Spencer has been constantly exposed to the ever changing trends of popular design and advertising throughout the valley for years. This coupled with having an Art Director for a father, Spencer was able to hone his skills in digital art quickly. For the past 10 years Spencer has worked as a Web/Graphic Designer & Front End Developer. Able to quickly pick up new techniques, Spencer is versatile in his position and able to tackle wide range of differentiating tasks. Using his knowledge as an experienced Frontend Developer, Spencer can easily spot bugs and troubleshoot issues within the code to deliver the best in functionality as well as aesthetics. Spencer enjoys spending time with his wife and children, playing guitar and other various well as his unhealthy addiction to video games.

As Director of Moon Based Operations, my moon-day to day moon-tasks include checking the levels on the auto-generated oxygen output synthesizers, surveying the intravenous multi-formula artificial nutrient packets, and cleaning the windshield. It can get pretty lonely out here on the moon, but it makes it all worth while to sit back and watch the earth-set over the moon-rison after a hard day. I have much to do at the station, however it's easy to get done in one moon-work day since we have 709 hour days here. Most of my moon-tasks are complicated and technical, but for me it's not rocket science.

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