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In a different era, marketing was a creative function that leaned more towards advertising than math and analytics.

Today’s world is a different place, and marketing research is an imperative part of the business puzzle. Without it, you won’t really be able to figure out who your customers are, what they need from you, or how you can service them better.

That’s where our ADTACK Integrated Marketing team enters the picture. Armed with a fierce thirst for knowledge and an unbelievable desire to make our clients as successful and happy as possible, our team will take your research needs to task.

Our menu of research marketing services includes the following:

Online Surveys

We use online surveys to help gauge public opinion. While this method isn’t necessarily as scientific as options that use random samplings, such as in-person or phone surveys, online surveys certainly offer benefits in terms of marketing research. They’re an affordable option, which allows us the ability to gain a fairly unbiased view into consumers’ minds so you’ll know which ideas, products, or services are most (or least) appealing to your audience.

Telephone Surveys

Using pre-determined questionnaires, our marketing research will go to work, administering questions by way of telephone interviews. Telephone surveys are often used to determine customer satisfaction after a sale has occurred or after a service has been performed, although they can really be used for any industry or need, as long as the questionnaires are designed properly. Telephone surveys are often closed-ended, using questions that can be answered with a rating scale such as “poor”, “good”, or “exceptional.”

In-Person Surveys

In-person surveys are more in-depth options than online or phone interviews. Because they employ the human factor, people who administer in-person surveys can often capture spontaneous responses exactly as they’re given by the survey respondents.

Because of this one-on-one interaction, in-person surveys may include closed-ended questions, which give the participants pre-set choices for answers, or they may provide open-ended questions, whereby the respondent is free to describe his or her feelings about the question.

Focus Groups

Focus groups tend to lend themselves to fascinating market research opportunities. Our team will bring together a group of people who specifically fit a certain demographic, whether that includes shopping habits, lifestyle choices, household income, or any other number of factors.

The people in the room will all share some similarity, but the participants tend to be quite different. Using the power of open-ended conversation, our focus group administers will ask questions that are specifically intended to drive honest feedback.

Usability Testing

If your product can’t easily be used by the average consumer, you’re losing out on customers. Our team will compile a group of people who will test your item, whether it’s a website, food item, device, packaging, or product.

We’ll report back to you with our findings to ensure your product is up to par with today’s users’ expectations.

Website Audits

Online marketing is what we do, which means we’re experts at catching things that aren’t working well for your website. Our website auditors will help you understand how to make sure your website is:

  • Functional
  • User friendly
  • Easy to navigate
  • Up-to-date
  • Filled with fresh, relevant content
  • Effective

It’s not as easy as it sounds! Trust our experts to guide you down the right path.

Competitive Reviews

You need to know what makes you different so you can stand out from your competitors. Again, this is easier said than done. Our ADTACK team will take it upon ourselves to review your competitors, understand what they do and why people love them so much, and work to identify your own core strengths as a unique business.


Shop-alongs are behavioral marketing research at its finest! In this type of one-on-one, in-depth interview, a member of our marketing research team will follow an actual customer through a store that carries your products (or through your own store, depending on the needs of your business.)

We’ll document frustrations, difficulties, moments that are met with ease, and anything else that will help you make the most of your marketing efforts.

You’ll be amazed at how much we learn when we’re walking with your everyday customer!

At ADTACK, we’re here to help our clients’ about how our marketing research services can propel your company to businesses be the very best they can be. Interested in learning more the next level?

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