Sales Enablement

The sales enablement process consists of information, tools, technology, and content that can help your sales team operate more effectively. Ultimately, the goal of sales enablement is to produce more sales at a higher rate. To accomplish this goal, you need to help your sales experts identify when and how they can more effectively engage potential buyers.

Your sales team may have to alter some of their behaviors, or they might need to understand how they can use past sales data to increase their sales rate. Here are some of the most important components of the sales enablement process.

Reporting & Analytics

The right data can transform your sales team’s numbers. First, you need to make sure that all of the members of your sales team have the knowledge to access and comprehend the necessary reports. Numerous technical skills are necessary to create certain reports; instead of trying to train multiple members of your team, you can outsource report creation to ADTACK.

Your sales professionals only have a certain amount of time in their day. It is a smart decision to let them focus on the areas where they excel, such as servicing potential clients and aiding existing customers. Once you have your reports, it is time to analyze them to determine what portions of the sales process require attention. If you can fix these weak areas, your team can convert more leads into sales.

Optimized Sales Content

Your company’s sales content is an invaluable resource for your sales team. Some of the most common forms of sales
content include:

  • Product demos
  • Spreadsheets for pricing or discounts
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • eBooks
  • Case study videos

Instead of having each sales person produce his or her own content, consider streamlining the process so that your sales team has more time to spend pursuing leads and assisting clients. Optimize your sales content so that every member of the time can access it with ease.

Don’t let high-quality content go to waste; instead, upload it to a shared content library for all of your sales team to access. Make sure that every member knows how to find and use the content.

Technology & Automation

Sales enablement encourages your business to take advantage of technological advances that permit your sales team to automate simple tasks and maximize the use of their time. For example, your sales people can have their email accounts automatically send a generic follow-up email if a prospective customer neglects to return a message.

Many companies employ live chat in order to better serve their clients’ needs. If your business offers this service, employ filters at the beginning of the chat to better direct the customer. Not only will this decrease customer frustration, but it will save your employees time because they won’t have to redirect conversations to the appropriate individuals.

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