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Whether or not you're consciously aware of it, you respond to design every day. Every time you walk into a store or restaurant, and certainly every time you browse for a book in a bookstore, you're responding to design.

Sometimes, you can indeed tell a lot about a book by its cover, just as you can tell a lot about a company by its website design. (The same holds true for a company's logo, brochures, email campaigns, display ads and every other form of marketing collateral it produces and disseminates.)

Design is mostly art, but also part science

Graphic designers, interior designers and even car designers learn about and master the "elements of design," which include color, lines, shape, size, space, texture and value. They then study such design principles as balance, emphasis, harmony, movement, pattern, perspective, proportion, repetition, rhythm, unity and variety.

You may be unfamiliar with the terminology, but you're intuitively grasping the importance of great design – and so are your prospective customers – every time they come into contact with your website. They may keep their opinions to themselves, but their reaction portends tangible opportunities for your business.

Why great website design matters

  • Great design matters because first impressions are vital. Even if a visitor turns to your website for information, it's unlikely he or she will continue the search if your website design – the fonts, the pictures, the other visual elements and the use of white space – are not appealing. Great design causes eyes to linger and roam.
  • Great design matters because it speaks volumes about your business' image, style and professionalism. Like the brilliant tech expert who insists on showing up for meetings in a ragged gym shirt, poor website design practically screams, "The person in charge here just doesn't care." Great designs hold the promise of conveying exactly the message (or messages) you intend. And they present a golden opportunity to express volumes about your business without penning a single word.
  • Great design matters because it can function as a differentiator. It would be self-deluding to assume that yours is the only website a prospective customer is reviewing. In fact, people compare not only the offerings of various companies but – credit those unconscious thoughts again – the website design of those companies, too. Especially in a competitive marketplace, the visual appeal of a website can turn purchasing decisions in your favor.
  • Great design matters because it incorporates the opportunity to convert visitors into customers. Standing out, while important, is only one objective of great website design. Another is seizing the opportunity to motivate people to click the "Buy" button or the "Yes, I'd like this complimentary offering" button. Great website design is subtly persuasive insofar as it gracefully incorporates tasteful and irresistible calls to action.

Placing your website design in skilled and experienced hands could well be one of the most important decisions you ever make. ADTACK consistently rises to the challenge because we want people to do more than merely register an emotional response, like a choosy shopper in a bookstore. We want people to reach for it and embrace it – so that you fully capitalize on the opportunities.

ADTACK Digital

ADTACK Integrated Marketing is a partner and locally operated office of WSI, the LARGEST Digital Marketing organization in the world with over 1500 offices internationally.

The WSI Network is really powerful. The network includes digital marketing consultants in over 80 countries, each with their own expertise of local digital marketing trends that are shared through online meetings, and regional conventions.

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Creative design attracts engagement. Engagement creates sales. We believe design is critical to your business success, whether it’s web properties, print, signage or business cards.

Our design team will create the right look and feel to attract more business through any platform.

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